What is Twenty Thousand Eyes?  I could come up with many crazy stories to explain the name I came up with so long ago.   My favorite so far is the idea that my diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome could be characterized as seeing the world with fewer senses than most, yet taking in tons of information from the senses I do have.  That indeed would be poetic, but it would be a lie.  Certainly, the second half was completely untrue until three days ago — more on that in a day or two.  Probably.

The name in no way came about just because I was once obsessed with a song called “The Night has a Thousand Eyes.”  Uh-uh.  Not at all.

But what is this blog?  I know what I wish it to be: a conversation between myself and whatever readers decide to come and respond to my half-baked thoughts, with the goal of greater understanding.  I want to exchange ideas and share experiences here, while hopefully providing some entertaining tales and perspectives.

I’d also like to exchange ideas on the writing process here as I encounter them, in the hopes that I can help people avoid the newbie mistakes I’ve made along the way.  Alas, I am still quite a ways away from being able to offer an informed opinion on the matter.

(Despite being a programmer, I have little web design experience and no idea what a good layout is, so I went with colors that look good.  Please tell me if these colors are terrible, or unfriendly to the colorblind, or something else).


Listening to: Radio/Video by System of a Down

Awaiting: the imminent release of Rise of the Triad

Absorbed in: Editing my first full-drafted novel, working at my internship.

Procrastinating on: My thesis project