Interesting Article: I Love Pandemic (and I Despair for Serious Games)

I’ll be back, possibly to analyze this article, in a week or so.  As I’m hard at work revising my manuscript to hand to my beta readers tomorrow, I haven’t had any time to post anything recently.  For now, I present this interesting article for your consideration.  A quote that sums it up:

For me, this is what a game is— a space to return to again and again to test myself, to engage with others, to have opportunity to do things that daily life does not permit. The average serious game lacks this depth, in large part due to the emphasis on content, and the product-oriented conception of games as medium and not a practice.

I recently bought Pandemic and became quite obsessed with it, and I do believe that many people look at “serious games” in an incorrect manner (or mistake certain games for “serious games”, particularly Bioshock and Infinite — I’ll likely devote an entire post to those someday).  At the same time, I don’t agree with the notion that games cannot deliver messages, though I do believe a game is not necessarily the best medium for such and the creator should not focus on the message above all.