Down with a bad cold right now.  It’s been hell trying to get through my weekend homework and it’s quite thrown off my schedule.  However, I’ve noticed that for the past twelve hours, it’s felt like time has been moving at a third of the speed it normally does.  I’ve been sick quite often in my life and came to know the ins and outs of colds — as a hypersensitive person, these things make quite an impression on me.  However, I’ve never noticed this mental time dilation effect before.

Sure beats feeling nauseous when you swallow.  That was the worst one, I think — was really hard to sleep that time.  Last night, my sleep wasn’t bad compared to most times I’ve had a cold, despite the awful headache.

I also feel lucky in that I tend to get sick at the best times — that is, I rarely get sick when I really can’t afford to be.  Only time that ever happened was when I got a flu during finals week on year.  I think there’s a sort of biological mechanism that makes sure of this, but I’m too tired to look it up.